• Sales prices for unprocessed precious metals - nonobligatory - Base for 1 kilogramm excl. VAT.
  • Gold: 50.690 €/kg
  • Silver: 665 €/kg
  • Platinum: 27.440 €/kg
  • Palladium: 67.090 €/kg
  • Sales prices for unprocessed precious metals - nonobligatory - Base for 1 kilogramm excl. VAT.
  • Gold: 50.690 €/kg
  • Silver: 665 €/kg
  • Platinum: 27.440 €/kg
  • Palladium: 67.090 €/kg
KOOS precious metals

Stability, reliability, professionalism

Established in 1980, our company has gained reputation in the industry for its professionalism, reliability and uncompromising quality over decades. As a medium-sized, family-owned company, we maintain direct personal contact with our customers.

Sven-Michael Koos
Managing Director of KOOS Edelmetalle GmbH

Sven-Michael Koos - KOOS Edelmetalle GmbH

Established in the market for over 35 years

Our business divisions


KOOS Jewellery

KOOS offers an extremely strong-selling range of jewellery. For jewellers, goldsmiths, and precious metal wholesalers and retailers.

Precious Metal Recycling

KOOS refining

KOOS is one of the leading companies for precious metal recycling. Simple transactions, excellent reliability, quick processing.


KOOS Precious metals

KOOS offers a broad range for flexible investments. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium – precious metals of the highest imaginable esteem.

Exclusively for you as our customer

KOOS Edelmetalle - Jewellery, scrap and precious metals from one source

We unite the core areas of jewellery, refining (precious metal refining) and precious metals all under one roof and offer you comprehensive services in all areas.


Send us your scrap gold, experience the 2 hour scrap metal immediate service, unique in Germany, and settle your credit directly with your personal precious metal account or be inspired by our extensive jewellery assortment. With us, you benefit from excellent service, great care, transparent procedures and a unique one-stop service and product cycle.


Convince yourself of our extensive offer in the KOOS image film:

KOOS customer portal

Available around-the-clock

The new KOOS customer portal

All the benefits under the same roof – the new KOOS customer portal:

Comprehensive service, easiest handling and always available.


For jewellers, goldsmiths, precious metal wholesalers and retailers.


Other special features:

  • Comprehensive overview of rates / Real-time purchase and selling prices
  • Personal customer area
  • Jewellery and investment shop
  • Settlement with precious metal account

KOOS Jewellery Online-Shop

Shop jewellery now: Direct, easy and convenient. The KOOS jewellery Online-Shop - available 24/7

KOOS precious metals - this is how we think

Precious metals are stable, reliable and professional values. Assets that we also feel committed to.

The company

KOOS precious metals

Reliability, straightforwardness and precision: Virtues that are literally worth their weight in gold. They are the basis of our long-lasting partnerships with our customers in all of our business areas.

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Reliability, straightforwardness and precision

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