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Security and advantages of KOOS Edelmetalle

Quality is one of the keys to the success of KOOS – and one of the reasons why customers have been putting their trust in us for more than 35 years.

In order to offer you the maximum safety, we have updated our General Terms and Conditions (T&C) for the benefit of our business partners. As of now, all our business partners' precious metal balances are in an owner association. We will continue to run a free precious metal account for you. This is a current account to which the claims (debits/credits) to the precious metal content are booked in grams.

Please take a look at our updated General Terms and Conditions here

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Securities and advantages

Your advantages at a glance

  1. A free precious metal account
  2. Owner association of all precious metal balances
  3. Direct owner right to precious metal balance
  4. Purchasing your precious metals
  5. Free precious metal transfers
  6. Precious metal returns in the form of investment coins, investment bars, fine metal granulate, fine metal sheet, semi-finished products or gold jewellery
  7. Significant savings in the difference between purchasing and selling price

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