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The transparent smelting plant

More transparency, speed and comfort. Visit us in Renningen, experience the recycling process live and benefit from our 2-hour instant recycling service, which is unique in Germany.

Melting, analysis, valuation and credit (e.g. cash or setting off against our products) take place immediately!

1. Smelting & homogenisation

Our smelting plants are equipped with state-of-the-art induction smelting technology and innovative filter systems that guarantee exact results.

See for yourself: Inside our smelting plants.

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2. Analysing

We analyse gold and silver using docimastic analysis – the most precise method of analysis by far – and platinum and palladium by chemical means.

The result: unbeatable precision down to the last milligram.

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3. Recycling

The decisive Moment:
the process of recycling precious metals from your scrap metals.

The perfectly coordinated, digitalised workflow:
ERP-controlled process and material documentations with barcode scan.

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4. Relax

While you wait for the valuation results of our analysis, feel free to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of our little café and take a look at our current precious metal offers.

Be our guest, and just relax.

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5. Payment

  • Immediate payout in cash
  • Billing check or bank Transfer
  • By crediting your free, personal precious metal account
  • Offset against products from our range of precious metals
  • Fine metals in the form of bars, Krugerrand, Maple Leaf or granulate
    Offset against gold jewellery or semi-finished products
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