KOOS dross waste processing

Everything is done in just a few steps: shipping & pick-up, ashing & grinding, analysis, settlement.
This is how we give precious metals back their value.

Benefit from our conditions and services for dross waste processing:

  • No minimum costs for dross waste processing
  • Only 2 weeks for processing
  • Free KOOS precious metal account
  • Flexible payment and settlement options


1. Shipping & pick-up

On request, we will send you transport containers for your dross waste. We will provide you with 30L & 60L containers (barrels).


You can send in your dross waste by yourself or we arrange KOOS pick-up service.


Versand & Abholung

2. Ashing

Non-grindable material (e.g. filters from filter systems) is burned to ash at 600-700°C in the kiln first.


The cooled ash is further processed in the ball mill.



3. Grinding

The ash from the kiln and grindable dross waste (e.g. graphite melting pots, melting waste, floor sweepings) is ground to a fine powder in the ball mill.


The material has a grain size of less than 0.2 mm. It will be mixed (homogenized) in order to take several samples for analysis.



4. Analysis

The homogenized powder is tested in the laboratory for its precious metal content.


We use the most modern analysis methods and ERP-controlled processes, which guarantee extremely precise results and transparent processing.



5. Settlement

You will receive your dross waste settlement after just 2 weeks.


You can choose between a bank transfer, a credit to your free precious metal account or an offsett against our products.



Delivery order for your dross waste as PDF file

We are looking forward to hearing from you.