50 g Fine Gold CombiBars™ - divisible gold 

An investment innovation that meets every desire for flexibility and ease when investing in gold: 50 g Fine Gold CombiBars™.

The CombiBars™ system allows you to separate the individual 1 g gold pieces at predetermined points to create your own smaller volumes. There are many occasions, such as inheritance and emergency issues, when having small units is inestimably valuable.


CombiBars™ by KOOS


  1. Easy to separate
  2. Available in partial amounts volumes or single 1 g pieces
  3. Flat format makes them easy to store
  4. Attractive price
  5. Highest quality 999.9 fine gold content
  6. To the London Gold Delivery Standard (LBMA standard)
  7. The acquisition of investment gold is tax-free in the EU
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Gold CombiBars™

10 x 50g Fine Gold CombiBars™

Investment package XL with 10 CombiBars™ and €96.50 mould costs per bar

Gold CombiBars™

20 x 50g Fine Gold CombiBars™

Investment package XXL with 20 CombiBars™ and €94.50 mould costs per bar

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