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KOOS Edelmetalle also provides hands-on support beyond the dental gold donation campaign. The Behindertenzentrum Stuttgart, Stuttgart's Centre for the Disabled, has been doing exemplary work for years. At its food bank in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, disabled people help provide the homeless with basic necessities. This gives work to the disabled, and provides food to the socially disadvantaged.

Our aid is used to provide training and qualification and learning materials for workshop employees at the centre, for instance, important instruction materials and drafting paper. It also helps to pay for things such as admission to cultural facilities.

These personal development measures are offered by volunteers and part-time trainers, even full-time trainers who do it in addition to their regular work; they serve to break up the daily routine. Not only that, but after these training programmes, the volunteers and employees are often able to take on new responsibilities in their regular work and handle their daily challenges with greater confidence.

Behindertenzentrum Stuttgart

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For further information on the Behindertenzentrum Stuttgart, please go to the association's website.

Behindertenzentrum Stuttgart

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