Precious metal refining

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KOOS - the perfect decision 

Absolute reliability, uncomplicated transactions and quick processing have made KOOS one of the top places to go for precious metal recycling. We focus on a transparent procedure, careful analysis and exact valuation, coupled with a high degree of speed, flexibility and customer service.

Our customers in precious metal recycling benefit from the diverse services offered by KOOS: precious metal investment products, semi-finished products, jewellery for retail, and a free precious metal account for significant savings in the difference between purchase and selling prices.

KOOS Edelmetalle - precious metal refining

Process transparency, analysis accuracy, precise valuation and rapidity are the key points of our service philosophy.

Pick-up service

We arrange secure transport for your precious metal scrap and guarantee you quick and easy processing.

Express service

Feel free to visit us directly, experience the recovery live and benefit from our 2-hour instant recycling service which is unique in Germany.

Shipping service

We provide our safety red boxes with safety seals free of charge for precious metal scrap shipments and pick-ups.

You decide the price you get

The KOOS price alarm

From now on, on the KOOS customer portal, you can easily fix your desired selling price for old, scrap or fine gold and set the KOOS price alarm (you can change the price at any time on the customer portal). We inform you directly per e-mail, as soon as your desired price is reached.

To fix the current purchasing price, we kindly ask you to contact us or your sales representative.

Simply proceed as follows:

  • Register on our KOOS Customer portal
  • Set the price alarm in our Scrap gold recycling or Precious metal rates sections
  • As soon as the price alarm goes off, we will notify you per e-mail
  • Fix the current purchase price on the phone

Worth knowing

Precious metal refining at KOOS

The long journey to fine metal: interesting facts about precious metal recycling.

Maximum security

Security and advantages with KOOS - two of the reasons why our customers trust us. 

Seen at its best

Take a look at KOOS Edelmetalle

Precious metal refining

Recycling brochure

Download our brand new refining brochure as a digital PDF here.  

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KOOS Recycling App

Benefit from our comprehensive Recycling App for iOS and Android.

  • Real-time purchase prices
  • Available 24/7
  • Free for iOS and Android
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